Our Services

Immediate Report Processing

You will get a computer-generated weigh report from us at the end of the weighing process.

Review of Your Results

We will spend time to go over your report in details to be sure all the information is understood.  Our report shows what each wheel position weighs, total axle weight, total weight for each side and grand total weight.  For trailers, in addition to the above, we show the solo and hitched-up weights on each wheel of the tow vehicle as well as the pin or tongue weight.  

All axle, vehicle (motorhome or tow vehicle) and gross combination weights are compared to the manufacturer’s specifications.  We also compare your tires’ load ratings to the load they are carrying and axle specs.  In addition we review the tires’ manufacture date code with you and look up the tire manufacturer’s specified air pressure requirements.

See examples of the report you’ll receive.

5th Wheel Example   Motorhome Example   Tag Axle MH Example   Travel Trailer-Tow Vehicle

Extensive On-Site Consultation

Once you understand all the data on the report we help you understand what actions you may need to take to improve the load distribution or amount of load you are carrying.  In many instances we find that the RV is out of balance from side to side by quite a bit.  We will walk around the outside of your RV with you and ask you to open compartments to see what you have stored there and discuss if and how it could be relocated to bring your RV closer to balance.  We also ask what you have inside the coach that can be relocated if possible.  This is kind of a brainstorming and discovery process to help you understand how to balance your particular RV.  During this process we are making numerous suggestions for your consideration.  It should be noted that we find that some RV’s are built out of balance and that knowing your wheel weights will help you load your RV to compensate for the way it’s built and not amplify the problem.

Post-Weighing Guidelines

You will receive an article summarizing the information we gave you verbally on how to balance and/or reduce weight of your RV.